Moab Mountain Bike Camps

I have struggled for over a year trying to figure out what to do with the Moab Camps.  After much deliberation I have decided not to run camps in Moab in 2017.  Now that our son is 6 years old the logistics are challenging and being gone for seven days is a lot!  I will instead focus our energy on the fantastic weekend clinics that we run all summer in Colorado Springs. 

However, if you have a group of at least six riders and want  me to create a private Moab Camp, please send me an email and I may be tempted to help you out.  I have left the description of the Moab Camps that we used to run so you can see if you're interested. 

Come spend 5 days with Alison Dunlap, MTB World Champion and 2-time Olympian and learn  the concepts and skills you’ll need to ride everything but the most extreme mountain bike trails anywhere in the world. Want to do all this in one of the most beautiful and unique locations you’ll ever see?  Then come to Moab, Utah for a 5-day skills camp (both Novice and Advanced) where you’ll be treated to four days of rides with Alison, skill work for all levels, gourmet food, luxurious condos, relaxing massages, educational seminars, and coaching.  Whether you're looking to improve your technical skills and confidence, or just want to experience the incredible beauty of the desert this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss! 

With over 25 years of racing and riding, Alison uses her unique personal teaching style and methodology combined with her passion and love of the sport to offer you the highest quality instruction in a safe, progressive, and non-threatening environment.  You’ll leave Moab with an arsenal of new skills, a razor sharp eye for technique, and confidence that will stay with you for years to come!

Alison Dunlap Adventure Camps has received rave reviews in the media. Click on a magazine cover to find out more. Articles are in PDF format.

Alison you possess the rare talent of being highly skilled with the ability to pass those skills on to riders of all abilities. You’re personable, always present and approachable and can watch someone trying a skill, quickly evaluate, then offer a suggestion that is spot on as to what they need to do

Diane 2013

Thanks to you for your patience with my riding. I had a blast and will remember this ride for the rest of my life. 
David 2012
What a great coach!  The way you break down each skill into baby steps is amazing!  I hope to take another one of your camps.  Thanks for everything! 
Marilyn 2011



An intermediate/advanced rider is one that wants to step up their abilities, but lacks the confidence or skill to commit to the bigger moves. Intermediate/Advanced camps contain some difficult riding on narrow, steep rocky trails. A degree of skill and fitness is required to enjoyably navigate much of the route. We will be without vehicle support during all of our rides, and medical help is far away. Is this kind of riding for you? Our Moab camp participants should be comfortable with the following:

  • Clipping in and out of your clipless pedals under all conditions, quickly and safely.
  • Riding moderate to difficult obstacles; ledges, rough rocky climbs and descents, exposed singletrack and slickrock.
  • Riding 3-5hrs on moderate to strenuous trails, including long sustained climbs and short steep power hills.